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Oopsy Daisy Wall Art, Revisited

January 25, 2016

Oopsy Daisy, the incredible, large and every-present wall art company, has included a handful of my work since way-back when I first began. Since it has been so long, I wanted to plug the pieces they picked up, and still have for sale, on their site.

Vintage Montage room

This canvas wall art is from a collection I call Victorian Montage. The adorable room setting is from the OhJoy! website.


Oopsy Daisy Wall Art

This group of wall art is also from my Victorian Montage collection. The room setting was found on the blog Kidspot. I LOVE this nursery, and the colors are perfect with this wall art.


Oopsy Daisy Whale room

This triptych of wall art is from a series I made ages ago called Deep Blue Sea. It got such a strong response that I made another whale collection. That eventually became my True Blue fabric collection, which is in reprints and available again now! I found this room setting on the blog A Whole Lot of Tiny.

Coloring Fun For Grown-ups

January 23, 2016

The trend reigns on: coloring books for grown-ups continue to be a smash hit. And, yes, I have succumbed myself. So much so that I actually just went ahead and illustrated one. It is called By the Sea.


Now, go quickly to Groupon and get a really good deal on By the Sea. There are two other titles in the Groupon deal, one by Stacy Peterson and the other by Lily Ashbury. This deal is good for two days, until the end of the day on January 25th.PIL Coloring Books.pngThe first I heard about this trend was on NPR. They had a story about, and interviewed, Johanna Basford. I guess she was the eye-of-the-adult-coloring-book-storm. And her illustrations are incredibly intricate. They are simply amazing.

Secret Garden.jpeg

After hearing about Secret Garden, I began to see adult coloring books everywhere. Several books by Lisa Cogdon caught my eye. Her series is called Just Add Color. They are whimsical and fun, just as I imagine the artist herself must be.


So, as you can see, I am not the first to throw my hat into the coloring-book-ring, but none-the-less, it was a blast to create artwork for By the Sea. Initially, I was intimidated by the scope of the project, but after I began illustrating the pieces, I immediately understood why so many people are entranced by the projects. The process takes you out of you head–it is true escapism, in the most wholesome way. Do you remember how you were able to spend hours absorbed in childhood play? Whether it was building legos, or knitting*, or coloring. These books really do transport you out of the here and now. Coloring the pictures is nearly instant gratification. And you do not need any specific skills to get a truly beautiful result. If you haven’t already, I hope that you allow yourself the time to delve into one of these books. If not for you, than for your childhood self, who I bet is aching to break out and give this a try.

*I realize that not all children had the occasion to knit. As a Waldorf student, I spent many an hour with my needles clicking. But that’s a story for another time.

Forest, Sea & ABCs

January 12, 2016

Last night I saw that the fabulous folks over at Roommates have begun to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. That is very exciting because… (drumroll, please) …it means… (building up excitement with strategically placed pauses)…  my new wall decals are online! YAY!!!!!

Do you love whales??? Do you adore forest creatures??? Do you sing your ABCs whenever you have the chance??? (Every parent will understand that singing one’s ABCs is very. important.) Well, then you will love, love, love these wall decals!

No more delays. Here is the moment you have all been waiting for!!! (Okay. I know you haven’t been waiting for this moment because before now it was under wraps. But I was waiting, so that at least applies to me, right??) Without further ado, the decals:

Whale Wall Clings sml

Sea Whales wall decals by Roommates. Like this bedding? Hop on over to Land of Nod, where I found this image, to see more.

Forest Friends Wall Clings

Forest Friends wall decals by Roommates. Like this room? Then you will LOVE the Blog Lay Baby Lay. Joni, founder and genius behind Lay Baby Lay, put together this look with some Land of Nod items. I found the image on the Land of Nod Blog, Honest to Nod.

ABC Wall Clings

ABC Animals wall decals by Roommates. Like this look? I found the setting at, you guessed it, Land of Nod. Get this: the pillow is called “Head in the Clouds”. Com’on! How cute is that? I just love Land of Nod…

That’s right. It is now possible: The nursery you have dreamed of since your very first ultrasound* is now just one tiny step away. So long “Cute Kids Rooms” Pinterest board! This is one project you’ve got in the bag!

*It is possible that this, too, only applies to me. But hey, I’m excited. :)

Happy Holiday & New Year

December 23, 2015

Last week my husband and I packed up the children, along with a fair number of presents, and we schlept it/them all down to visit my mother and step-father near Orlando. I am a Midwesterner. I’ve lived almost my entire life in Chicago. So it is strange to celebrate Christmas in 80 degree weather–BUT, I am not complaining.

Since I am not used to seeing Christmas lights on palm trees, posting a bit of holiday art is helping to keep the season on my mind! Here are a few pieces of artwork that made it onto my Facebook page and Instagram accounts this week. 


Children’s Book Give-away

October 27, 2015

Cottage Door Press will be giving away a set of my Children’s books! Enter to win 3 tabbed board books. :) #giveaway


Stationery for 2016

October 20, 2015

I am very excited to show you an item from my new stationery line that is planned for later in 2015 and 2016. These adorable pocket notepads, along with many, many other stationery items, will be at a store near you soon!

Pocket Notepad Citrus BlossomPocket Notepad Renegade

Pocket Notepad ClementinePocket Notepad Indigo Eye

This particular item has a flap that folds over the top and stays closed with a little hidden magnet. There is beautiful gold detailing on the shaped flap. They are SO CUTE. I can’t wait to share more soon! Stay tuned… :)

New Gift Wrap Collections for 2016

October 10, 2015

The Gift Wrap Company’s 2016 catalogs go live on their website next week. Here is a sneak peek at my collections with them, which feature Suzani Soul and True Blue:







I LOVE the Gift Wrap Company design crew–they are talented, organized, and their presentation is always beautiful. I want to give a shout out to them all. You guys are amazing! :)


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