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Surtex 2014

May 10, 2014

Here are some Surtex flyers I made for this year. I’ve added more geometrics as well as painted work-I can’t wait for the show!

















Drinkblots – Paper Coasters

February 25, 2014

More new products arrive in my studio almost daily. Among them are a set of Drinkblots, the new paper coaster sets by Studio M, a division of Magnet Works.


Studio M and the talented, funny, and nice people behind their products, have put together a portfolio of wonderfully diverse and beautiful work for their lines. I am honored to have had my collection, Shade Garden, selected for this product along with fellow artists such as Stephanie Ryan, Carolyn Gavin (of Designer Jots, and represented by the amazing Lilla Rogers), Jennifer Brinley, Terri Conrad, Tim Coffey and many others.

The paper coaster sets are arriving in stores soon. . . just in time for spring, and for what I hope are long, lazy days sipping on Lemonade (or something stronger :) ) in the sunshine.

Rain? No Problem!

February 21, 2014

If you have been trudging through endless rain or snow (or both, as we have been here in Chicago), then I have the perfect thing for you: New umbrellas!


Photography by Jeanne Isaacs

Coyne’s Company has produced these beautiful umbrellas along with coordinating scarves, totes, cross body bags, and coin purses. The bags are durable and practical with lots of interior and exterior pockets. The umbrellas and scarves are colorful and fun.

CC Accessories tapestryCC Accessories Dream Lotus

The totes and umbrellas are already available for purchase through and The Gifty website. All of the items will arrive in stores this spring.

These items make GREAT Mother’s Day gifts, so keep them in mind when you are shopping. They will bring color, fun, and practicality to any mom’s rainy day.

Gina B Greeting Cards and Gift Enclosures

January 2, 2014

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a chance to refresh and recharge after what is always a busy time of year.

I know that for me, it was a welcome rest. Usually, I find it difficult to get back into the swing of things after a long break. This year, however, I am energized as I look at 2014 product releases. The first of these, greeting cards and gift enclosures, through the awesome Gina B Designs, is already online for wholesale purchase. Here is a sneak peek at the cover and interiors of the cards:

213-5328 girl jungle animals-1

Artwork © Ana Davis, Ltd.

213-5328 girl jungle animals-1INT

Artwork © Ana Davis, Ltd.

213-5327 boy jungle animals-1

Artwork © Ana Davis, Ltd.

213-5327 boy jungle animals-1INT

Artwork © Ana Davis, Ltd.

213-5323 citrus floral vines

Artwork © Ana Davis, Ltd.

213-5323 citrus floral vines INT

Artwork © Ana Davis, Ltd.


There is MUCH more to come from my studio in the next few months (including umbrellas, tote bags, change purses and more!!!), I promise to give you all a sneak peek as items become available. Happy New Year!

Coming Soon: New Etsy Sewing Pattern shop!

November 26, 2013

I have been very quiet with blogging recently, but it is only because I am so busy preparing to publish my new sewing patterns! Some details are still being ironed out, but here is a sneak peek at what will be available.

Pippa Patterns Sample Cover

Pippa Patterns Apron Cover


A special “thank you” to Jeanne Isaacs for her wonderful photography and excellent advice. A big “thank you”, also, to my friends Rachel (of 15 pies and the blog Derivative Dishes), and Lea with her adorable baby Dorothy. They are all beautiful (as you can see in the photos) and great friends–I couldn’t have gotten though this project without you all!!!

Victorian Details

October 29, 2013

Over the last decade and a half, I have worked with and illustrated in every style of graphic art imaginable–whimsical, feminine, country, folk, contemporary–you name it, I’ve made it. As I began to build a portfolio of my artwork, I concentrated on modern graphics and feminine themes, mostly because they are so pretty and so much fun to make. But I still love to work in other styles. So last year, I started playing with some montage styles. This is the style that Oopsy Daisy has applied to a new line of canvas wall art.

The series of montage art is called Victorian Details. It is now available at the Oopsy Daisy online shop. The are three sets of the art available, pictured below. All of the pieces mix found illustrations, original illustrations, and modern graphics.

This first group features classic illustrations of african animals. I am excited about the colors in these pieces, as well as the juxtaposition of old world art and modern geometric backgrounds.


Rhino © Ana Davis, Ltd.


Giraffe © Ana Davis, Ltd.


Elephant © Ana Davis, Ltd.

The next group features garden creatures. Urban gardens and small-scale farming both inspire me. Also, I love bees. My sister and her husband have three or four hives this year. It is amazing to hear their stories! They are also the owners and operators of Meadow Creature, a company that produces products for small-scale and organic farms.


Flowers & Bees © Ana Davis, Ltd.


Three Butterflies © Ana Davis, Ltd.


Bird on Branch © Ana Davis, Ltd.

The last group revisits vintage cut paper silhouettes. Again, I like the mix of the old style and the contemporary geometrics and color. These pieces can be personalized on the Oopsy Daisy site, or they can be ordered without the personalization.


Boy & Girl © Ana Davis, Ltd.


May Day © Ana Davis, Ltd.

AnaDavis_Rocking Horse_24x18WallArt

Rocking Horse © Ana Davis, Ltd.


Baby Carriage © Ana Davis, Ltd.

Boston Warehouse Tumblers

October 15, 2013

Hopefully we all avoid using water bottles once and then just tossing them into the trash (here is a link to a website I found on the subject of plastic water bottles… I did not vet this site, but if you believe what they say, its astonishing). Single use bottles may, at times, be necessary, but whenever we can, we should avoid single use containers and cups and reuse instead.


Ana Davis for Boston Warehouse. Photo by Jeanne Isaacs.

Now, you can buy these fantastic, reusable tumblers with my art on them! Boston Warehouse and I have partnered to create these really fun, colorful insulated drink cups. They will be in Barnes & Noble later this month. These cups are fantastic gifts. They are really useful personal items. And they can help us all make a positive transition into reusing our cups instead of buying single use cups or bottles over and over.

I have a couple of these tumblers in my car, one in my bag, AND one at my desk! I fill ‘em up whenever I need a beverage, hot or cold. Special bonus? My cat, Hazel, can’t get into the cup to drink my water!

Stephanie and Jenn from Boston Warehouse deserve a special thanks for making this project a reality. To all the folks at Boston Warehouse (many of whom are cat lovers, too), THANK YOU for figuring out how I can defend my drink against Hazel, my water-seeking-nemesis (she may be pretty, but she is defiant and naughty and always conspiring to drink my water)!


Looks can be deceiving: Hazel looks sweet, but she is wild! Photo by Jeanne Isaacs.


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