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Fall Equinox

September 24, 2015

In celebration of yesterday’s fall Equinox, I am posting some new news and images that feature my collection of fabrics, called Equinox, Which was released almost one year ago.

This re-release of inspiration was prompted by a chance meeting. I met Merav of Baby Hobbes Design in a random crossing of paths–I overheard her say “fabric” and “sewing,” and heaven help me if I couldn’t get in on that conversion. She was about to test a new skirt pattern, Daphne, for the Simple Life Company, when we had our random encounter. Well, a mere week has come and gone, and check out what I found in my inbox!


Sewn and photographed by Baby Hobbes design. Daphne skirt sewing pattern by Simple Life Company.

It may have taken Merav only one week to make this super-adorable skirt, but it took me a little longer than that to finally get these fantastic Equinox dresses photographed. But, I got it done, and wasn’t it worth it??? These dresses were sewn by the extremely capable hands of Sarah Katherine GreenAcacia Photography took these amazing photos. The models are a lively and lovable family I know from my son’s elementary school. We will call these ladies Miss A, Big P and Little P. A heartfelt “thank you” to them for spending a very warm, late summer afternoon with Acacia and I in the park!

Equinox-2 LR

From Left: Big P wears a dress made from Fiona (in green), with details of Equinox (in white), and a ruffle made from Lattice (in mint); Miss A wears a dress made from Paige (in tan). The Chevron detail is Lattice (in pink) with a border made from Isla (in Brown); Little P’s dress is made with Paige (in Black). Pockets and yoke are Lattice (in pink).

Equinox-20 LR

From Left: Big P wears a dress made from Fiona (in green), with details of Equinox (in white), and a ruffle made from Lattice (in mint);

Equinox-35 LR

Miss A wears a dress made from Paige (in tan). The Chevron detail is Lattice (in pink) with a border made from Isla (in Brown).

Equinox-45 LR

Little P’s dress is made with Paige (in Black). Pockets and yoke are made from Lattice (in pink).

Equinox-32 LR

What a beautiful family! Can you tell Miss A is a yoga instructor!!!??? :)

Equinox-62 LR

Thank you, family. Thank you, Acacia. I hope you all had fun. I know I did!

Where to Buy My Children’s Books

September 3, 2015

I have an update to share this morning! My children’s books–the actual, tabbed board books, published by Cottage Door Press– are available for purchase online at Kohl’s! These books are great. I have a six year old and an 18 month old, and they both love them… in fact, my older child reads them to my younger child (talk about melt your heart!!!). I’ll post again with more information as the books make it to retail locations.

Happy reading, everyone! :)


My three board books for little ones, clockwise, from left: ABC Animal Party, Big Day for Baby, and 123 Count with Me

Color + Pattern, continued…

August 27, 2015

After a bit of a break (I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to!), I want to get back to sharing details about Khristian A. Howell’s book, Color + Pattern. Khristian, if you are reading this, you knocked it out of the park–what a great book! If any of my readers are interested in getting really solid instruction and ideas for how to create patterns and collections of patterns, this book is truly helpful. It offers a glossary of industry terminology, ideas for how to get started, “assignments” similar to those one would get in design school, and all of it is FUN!

Color & Pattern cvr

I want to make a special note that the artists and designers who contributed to this book are really amazing. These folks are known within the industry for their style and talent. I have to give a call out to them: Jessica Swift, Mary Beth Freet, Rachel Taylor, Abi Hall, Arrolynn Weiderhold, Jenean Morrison, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Elizabeth Olwen, Leah Duncan, Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer, Stephanie Corfee, Sisters Gulassa, Ana Davis (that’s me!! :), and Ampersand Design Studio. If you are not familiar with these talented designers, click these links! I honestly can’t believe I am included in this group–it is really a great compliment.

Khristian has broken this book into sections which include everything from gathering inspiration, exploring various motifs, creating repeats, and pulling a group of patterns together cohesively. That is where my contribution comes in. I wrote about how to pull a collection together. I used pieces from my collection Dream Lotus as examples of how color, scale, and amount of detail give various pieces of art a “role” to play within a collection.

Basic CMYK

These are designs from Dream Lotus. This collection was used by the Gift Wrap Company on gift bags and gift wrap. Coyne’s Company also used a variation of this artwork on women’s accessories and umbrellas.

Color & Pattern int

If you or someone you know aspires to create surface designs, collections, make patterns, or just wants to play around with these ideas when making artwork, buy this book. It has a flexible, board cover, so it isn’t as heavy as a hardcover, but it is still sturdy. You can throw it into your bag and take it with you as you explore for inspiration and begin to enjoy the world of surface and pattern design.

Color & Pattern

July 9, 2015

I am sitting in the airport, on my way to the Atlanta Gift Show. So, naturally, I am catching up on my Facebook and Instagram friends. And I am glad, because at long last I see that Khristian A. Howell’s new book will be hitting shelves soon. You can enter to win a copy for yourself!

Whether you win one or buy one, be sure to check out my contribution to Color & Pattern on how to “Pull a Collection Together!”

Congrats to you @Khristianahowell! What an amazing accomplishment!

Surtex 2015 Flyers

May 3, 2015

Surtex will be here in no time flat! So, I have begun to send out flyers in the hopes that lots folks will be enticed to visit us while we are exhibiting at the show. These flyers show my various art styles and offer a peek at my new collections. Hope you all like these!


Wild Things © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Indian Paintbrush © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Bunny Patch © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Flower Garden © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Laura © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Lola Vine © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Lola Diamond © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Indigo © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Quilt © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Five Birds © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.


Tulips © 2015 Ana Davis, Ltd.

Painted Garden Melamine

April 13, 2015

It is finally springtime in Chicago. Over the weekend, my husband cleaned out the garden. We can see that the peonies, lilies, and tulips are sprouting. We removed our garden furniture from winter storage, and cleaned everything off. The deck is ready! Now all we need is warm weather, and our children and their friends can play in the yard and splash around in their little wading pool.

This year lemonade and snacks will be served on my new Painted Garden melamine set. I blogged about these painted pieces the other day. Below are photos of the artwork applied to sorts of melamine items. Sturdy and colorful, this set is great for summer entertaining! The pieces do not break, thank goodness–something always gets kicked over with the kids running around. :) The artwork has fun geometric elements mixed with bright, painted florals. I cannot wait to use this set! I will update this post when I know where the items can be purchased:

ADMelamine ServingTray

Serving Tray


ADMelamine ChipTray

Chip and Dip Plate


ADMelamine 3Tray

Three Bowl Tray


ADMelamine Plate




ADMelamine Bowlandtongs

Serving Bowl and Salad Servers


ADMelamine SmallBowl



ADMelamine Tumbler



Suzani Soul & Embroidery

April 7, 2015

As new spring products begin to roll in, so to has my newest fabric collection, Suzani Soul:

Suzani EmmelineFnlBlue

Suzani Soul in Chambray. These fabrics will be shipping soon. Visit Blend Fabrics website to learn more.

Suzani EmmelineFnlK

Suzani Soul in Black. These fabrics will be shipping soon. Visit Blend Fabrics website to learn more.

Traditional suzani is a type of central asian textile embroidery. My fabric collection is inspired by those embroidered pieces, however my work is painted rather than the sewn craft. Below are a few examples of embroidered suzani pillows I found on the internet, including one by Madeline Weinrib. If you know her work, perhaps you are as agog with it as I am.


A suzani pillow by Madeline Weinrib.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.26.44 PM

I found these pillows at


This pillow is by Surya. I can only wish to work with them someday. They have fabulous products!

I have always loved embroidery, whether it is traditional suzani or the more american craft interpretation. Of course, I am not an expert embroiderer. For that you must visit the likes of Ms. Charlotte Lyons of House Wren Studio. Oh, visit her Etsy shop! It is FILLED with goodies. Like these gorgeous items:


A lovely embroidered piece by Charlotte Lyons. I found this in her Etsy store.


Oh! Aren’t they charming? Also from Charlotte’s Etsy store.


And this is the perfect gift for a little one. So sweet! Also from her Etsy store.

Although my embroidery needle has been tucked away for ages (and by ages I mean, perhaps 30 years), I have been painting recently. And that brings me back to my Suzani Soul fabrics. The group of artwork that makes up Suzani Soul is hand painted. Here is the original painted piece that was the starting point for the entire Suzani Soul collection:

Large Suzani Indigo EyeI am glad to have my hands back in my inkpot, as it were. I have more ideas for paintings than I can possibly get done. It feels good to be making the kind of art I actually once hoped would make all day. And I am thrilled that some of the paintings have been making it onto new products.

And yes, that is supposed to be a cliffhanger. Did it work? Is anyone on the edge of their seat??? :) Well, I will leave you with these paintings, below. What do you suppose they would look good on? Stayed tuned to learn more…

Poppy Stripe

Poppy Stripes, by Ana Davis (that’s me!)

Floral Gesture Sml Dot

Painted Garden, also by yours truly. :)


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