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Print & Pattern Design Directory

November 10, 2014

Do you love the Print & Pattern blog the way I do? I adore it and go there all the time to absorb the beautiful artwork and charming products posted there. It is such a fun place on the internet to hang out.

I am THRILLED that Bowie included a link to my website on the new “Designers for Hire” page. In looking through the new page, I have already discovered several artists whose work I hadn’t previously known. Have you seen the work by Sarah Andreacchio? Susan Driscoll? OMG. How about Bethan Janine? Dinara Mirtalipova? This doesn’t even scratch the surface OR mention any of the artists I already know and love.

Below are just a couple images from these artists. You have to go to their websites to really understand how amazing these artists are. And check out the Designers for Hire page. All of these artists deserve to be admired!

© Susan Driscoll

© Susan Driscoll

© Sarah Andreacchio

© Sarah Andreacchio

© Dinara Mirtalipova

© Dinara Mirtalipova


© Bethan Janine

Equinox, a close-up view

October 16, 2014

My newest fabric collection, Equinox, will begin shipping in November. Below are close-up images of the patterns and colors in the collection.

Equinox will be on display next week at Houston Quilt Market along with two of my other groups, True Blue and Clementine. Blend Fabrics and Anna Griffin always have a fabulous booth. I am looking forward to seeing all the new Blend artists’ collections at the show. I believe that collections from Liz Macay, Molly Hatch, and Khristian A. Howell will all be on display (not to mention all the other amazing fabrics from the artists who work with Blend! Check them all out, here.).

Lattice Vine Pink

Fiona Green

Isla Brawn

Equinox White

Lattice Vine Mint

Paige Tan

Lattice Vine Blue

Fiona Black

Isla Black

Equinox Black


Lattice Vine Black


Paige Black


Kekacase presents . . .

October 14, 2014

. . . a huge range of Ana Davis designs for your smartphone or tablet! There are 15 pieces of artwork available as cases for iPhone version 4/5/6, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, iPad 2/3/4, and iPad minis. And, even more items are coming soon. Yay!

Check out the items at

ADavis Smart Phone cases (1) ADavis Smart Phone cases (2) ADavis Smart Phone cases (3) ADavis Smart Phone cases (4) ADavis Smart Phone cases (5) ADavis Smart Phone cases (6) ADavis Smart Phone cases (7) ADavis Smart Phone cases (8) ADavis Smart Phone cases (9) ADavis Smart Phone cases (10) ADavis Smart Phone cases (11) ADavis Smart Phone cases (12) ADavis Smart Phone cases (13) ADavis Smart Phone cases (14) ADavis Smart Phone cases

Persnickety Clothing Company

July 16, 2014

This summer has been, believe it or not, beautiful here in Chicago! :) But, I am already seeing signs of “Back to School” everywhere. One very special back to school thing that I’ve seen is gorgeous new apparel from Persnickety Clothing Company. The collection that caught my eye is “October Sky“. Just look at it! This group happens to feature several prints from my fabric collection Pippa. Persnickety, you have done it again! Beautiful! :)







Surtex 2014, A Brief Recap

June 17, 2014

It already seems like ages since Surtex, and yet, where is my recap??? Well, in addition to the busyness of the season, we have a small baby, soooooo….. I get a pass, right? ;)

Well, I am happy to report that even though I am behind in getting a Surtex recap posted, Cathy Heck is ON THE BALL. She posted three great recaps of Surtex (recap 1, recap 2, recap 3). Her last post, Trends and Friends, features our own little love. You can see our baby at the end of her third post, here. Below are a couple of her heartwarming illustrations.


Artwork © Cathy Heck Studio


Artwork © Cathy Heck Studio

In Cathy’s photo, Baby is in the arms of my dear friend, Anne. Anne is notoriously baby crazy, and quite likely to de-sock a small infant at any moment. Who can blame her? Baby toes are so cute!!!

Anne w Baby

Below is a cute photo of my husband (without whom I would not have my fabulous booth) and our infant son. They were a great team. My husband took such good care of Baby that he didn’t cry at all during the show. Baby wooed passersby with his big smile. I can’t say that I would recommend bringing a tiny baby to a trade show, but if you HAVE TO, then I sure hope you have a baby as easy as ours is!


Chad with our baby at Surtex

ADL Surtex2014 booth

My trade show booth

We were lucky that our booth was near many other wonderful artists: Josephine Kimberling, Ana Victoria Calderon, Kelly Ventura, and Sarah Ehlinger of Very Sarie.

We also got to talk a bit with the amazing Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom fame, and her husband. They are so nice, and generous, and helpful!

Work by all of these artists is shown below. Behold the beauty!!!


© Josephine Kimberling


© Kelly Ventura


© Ana Victoria Calderon


© Very Sarie


© Ana Victoria Calderon


© Kelly Ventura


Sis Boom Fabric © Jennifer Paganelli


Sis Boom Fabric © Jennifer Paganelli



Surtex 2014

May 10, 2014

Here are some Surtex flyers I made for this year. I’ve added more geometrics as well as painted work-I can’t wait for the show!

















Drinkblots – Paper Coasters

February 25, 2014

More new products arrive in my studio almost daily. Among them are a set of Drinkblots, the new paper coaster sets by Studio M, a division of Magnet Works.


Studio M and the talented, funny, and nice people behind their products, have put together a portfolio of wonderfully diverse and beautiful work for their lines. I am honored to have had my collection, Shade Garden, selected for this product along with fellow artists such as Stephanie Ryan, Carolyn Gavin (of Designer Jots, and represented by the amazing Lilla Rogers), Jennifer Brinley, Terri Conrad, Tim Coffey and many others.

The paper coaster sets are arriving in stores soon. . . just in time for spring, and for what I hope are long, lazy days sipping on Lemonade (or something stronger :) ) in the sunshine.


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