In Honor of Quirkiness

Most of us are limited to flying our freak flags just once a year, when Halloween finally rolls around. Then, at last, the inner-oddities and quirks of our families and children are liberated for a party and a parade.

Were it not for the likes of Julie Blackmon, onlookers might think families–and especially children– are not as weird as they are. But children are, weird. And families are odd. Ms. Blackmon relishes in our quirkiness, and reflects it back to us with artistry, appreciation, and humor.

I love this woman’s work, and I hope one day she will do a portrait of my family. Then I could display my family’s weirdness framed, hanging above the couch. When people come for a visit they would be so mesmerized by our unusual and beautiful family portrait, they will no longer question the toy barn in the dining room, the unfinished renovation, and the fact that my two-year old likes to dance to the demo polka music on our keyboard.

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