Surtex 2012

Like so many other surface designers, I am in the heat of preparing to exhibit at Surtex from May 20-22. Surtex happens in conjunction with the National Stationery Show and ICFF, and it really is the greatest trade show. Our industry–surface design, stationery, gifts, paper goods–is THE BEST industry. As Grace of Design Sponge once put it, NSS is the “happiest show.” I couldn’t agree more! The talent and creativity can be intimidating, but even more so, it is inspiring. I can’t wait to see what the incredible designers that participate in these shows have conjured up over these last 12 months! Although, just now when I went to the ICFF website and saw that the show is only 42 days away, my stomach turned over. Oh, dear…

I guess it is a good thing that I am working tonight. Here is what I made on this, Good Friday. It is in preparation for Surtex (as is everything I will do for the next, um, 42 days…)

. . .

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