Spring Promise

I wrote the entry, below, for the Blend Fabrics blog today. I thought I would also publish it here:

Hi everyone! My name is Ana Davis, and I am an artist, Creative Director, illustrator, and pattern designer. I began knitting, crocheting and sewing when I was 6.

This photo was taken around the time I began to sew and make art.

I studied various forms of art throughout lower, middle and high school, and I have always been obsessed with color.

I often dream about color, and have for as long as I can remember. In one dream from my childhood, I entered a room where there was a wall full of tiny, white drawers. As I opened the drawers, I found that each one was filled with intricate objects of a single color. I opened every single drawer, just for the surprise and pleasure of seeing the color they contained.

My love of color and creation led me to a fine art major in college. I spent years in the printmaking, painting, and drawing studios. I still love to draw, and a favorite summer pastime of mine is sketching the flowers in our garden.

This is a sketch I made of our fabulous pink and white peonies.

While working toward my undergraduate degree, I also studied three-dimensional art. In keeping with my preoccupation with pattern design and sewing, I managed to cast patterns in bronze, and sew pillows and quilts for my sculpture classes. In the midst of the conceptual art movement of the 90s, sewing was very much out of step. But since then, the disciplines I have so loved since my childhood have been embraced with renewed respect.

These days, it seems that everywhere I look there is a groundswell of excitement for the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and utter beauty of quilts and crafts. It is a thrill to be involved with these movements, and an honor to have my fabrics available to the incredible artists who might use them.

My first fabric collection for Blend is called Spring Promise:

I have tried to bring together the beauty of traditional motifs with the energy of contemporary color, and the whimsy of modern geometrics.

I hope you like my designs, and I can’t wait for the pleasure and surprise of seeing the intricate objects they become. Happy creating, everyone!


4 Comments on “Spring Promise

  1. Ana, your art is beautiful and fresh. What talent you have. I am your dad’s cousin, Susan Boyer Hidlebaugh (no not Neil’s wife) and your Aunt Gwen posted your work on Facebook. I truly love your new Animal Parade line. We just welcomed a new grand bavy girl and would love to creat something for her. Will continue to check Blend Fabrics for availability. Continued Good Luck with your designs.

  2. Thank you, Susan–How kind of you! 🙂

    The baby girl fabric line will also be made into baby bedding. I will add a post to my site when it is available online… hopefully soon as the fabric should be shipping within a few weeks.

    Hope all is well! and thank you again for visiting my blog. Please, “like” me on Facebook, and share my info with your friends!


  3. OMG, Ana…I was just stopping by your blog to check out how the Stationery Show went, and I saw this photo of you and your dad. First off, you were THE cutest kid on the planet. Secondly, holy S…your dad looks just like Zack Galifianakis. WOAH!
    More importantly, your blog and products are just so amazing. Will you please hire me one day when you are so big that you need a personal assistant? Love from ‘Bama!

  4. Melissa,

    Yes, you will be the first I hire IF I can afford you! 🙂

    Thank goodness my dad is less socially awkward than Zack G.’s characters. Can you imagine?

    I am overdue for a Surtex recap… See, I need your help!

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