Surtex Recap

We did it!

Last week we went to set up my first ever trade show booth at Surtex. I have to say, the booth looked pretty awesome, thanks to my very talented industrial designer husband, Chad. I definitely could not have done this alone! Here are some photos of set-up, and then final booth.

Chad measuring as we got started. Chad did a LOT of measuring for this booth.

Chad preparing to hang the walls.

All painted and ready for my art! Chad ordered my logo, laser cut out of birch for the booth. Best. Gift. Ever.

Ta-da! Easy as cake! 😉

Sneak peek at my fabulous new line of stationery, available through Anna Griffin’s licensing division, Blend.

More stationery, plus the bookmark I was giving away. Turns out, people still read paper books!

I want to send a special thanks to Chad for making this booth possible. I really do think it required his exact skill set to execute this booth.

I also want to thank Anna Griffin, and all the folks at Anna Griffin, Inc. and Blend for the beautiful work they have done at Quilt Market and National Stationery Show.

I also want to say that I could not have asked for nicer Surtex neighbors, Frank Sturges Reps, Magnet RepsDSW licensing, and Sophie Jordan Design. Frank in particular, gave us a much needed laugh during set-up, and encouragement throughout the show. Plus, his artists are really great. It was a pleasure to sit across from their work every day while we were there.

5 Comments on “Surtex Recap

  1. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see your designs on more stuff after the success of Surtex

  2. You and Chad were the best “neighbors”!! Your art is beautiful, Ava. I hope the show was a huge success for you. Hope to stay in touch…

  3. What are the walls – and how did you attach them?

  4. Hi Anna! it was great to meet you at the show. I hope you didn’t have to stay too long Tues : ) Just want to let you know you are on my list of artists who make me green with envy. But I can’t hate you because you are so darn nice : ) Much success to you ( I have not doubt you will )

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