As Seen on Etsy!

My husband and I are on our way to a wedding in Seattle. I arrived at the airport WAY before Chad, and have been shopping around on Etsy while I wait for him. I found some adorable items that people have made with my Animal Parade fabric collection. Here are a few:






I will add links to the sellers when I am at a computer (haven’t figured that out on my phone yet), but a search for “Animal Parade Ana Davis Fabric” brings up a lot!

2 Comments on “As Seen on Etsy!

  1. Thank you for writing As Seen on Etsy! « Ana Davis Design, I had been researching for something similar and was
    grateful to discover the info from this post.

  2. No Problem! It is so exciting to see the items made from this fabric–SO CUTE! 🙂

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