Big Day for Baby!

Along with the general holiday scramble, I have toiled over my new ebook, Big Day for Baby. It is now available on the Kindle store on Amazon. Below are the cover and two pages from the book:


Big Day For Baby FNL-10

Big Day For Baby FNL-11

As, you can see, the book is for little ones, 0-4. My three-year old loves it.

The book follows the day of a fictional baby from the voice of his/her parent. Big Day for Baby includes lots of first words, and takes the reader step by step through the typical day of a baby or small child.

I developed most of the lettering and illustration over the last year or so for various projects. But it was just last week, after talking with my cousin, Jay Boyer, who has written ebooks with his partners, that I realized I have enough material to create several titles of my own. So, this is my first. And, of course,  I am SO excited! Big Day for Baby is now available for purchase–I hope you all like it!!!

Please spread the word! Any reviews would be deeply appreciated.

Merry Everything to Everyone!

. . .

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