Post-it® Designer Notes!

I am more-than-happy to announce the release of my two collections of Post-it® Designer Notes! Here they are:AnaDavisPostItDesignerNotes

Fun, right!?! 🙂

I am really excited that these two groups of artwork were selected by the amazing team over at Post-it®. These collections represent both sides of my art brain: One side loves the details of vintage things and the bright, bold colors of Indian textiles; The other side craves clean, modern design and loves Scandinavian influences. I find these themes repeated in surprising ways throughout my portfolio. I’m thrilled that the Post-it® team saw something they liked in both of these aesthetics.

The group of art the Post-it® team pulled together follows this trend of varied aesthetics, and they have put together a line of products with contributions from a huge array of talented artists: Sorry You’re Happy, Iza PearlYinfan Huang, Khristian A. Howell, Sisters Gulassa–so many great designers, I can’t list all of them, so check out the new Post-it® Signature Series website and see what I mean!!!

3 Comments on “Post-it® Designer Notes!

  1. Hi Ana, I’m so happy for you and LOVE your work! It was so great meeting you and Chad today at Licensing Expo!

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