Boston Warehouse Tumblers

Hopefully we all avoid using water bottles once and then just tossing them into the trash (here is a link to a website I found on the subject of plastic water bottles… I did not vet this site, but if you believe what they say, its astonishing). Single use bottles may, at times, be necessary, but whenever we can, we should avoid single use containers and cups and reuse instead.


Ana Davis for Boston Warehouse. Photo by Jeanne Isaacs.

Now, you can buy these fantastic, reusable tumblers with my art on them! Boston Warehouse and I have partnered to create these really fun, colorful insulated drink cups. They will be in Barnes & Noble later this month. These cups are fantastic gifts. They are really useful personal items. And they can help us all make a positive transition into reusing our cups instead of buying single use cups or bottles over and over.

I have a couple of these tumblers in my car, one in my bag, AND one at my desk! I fill ’em up whenever I need a beverage, hot or cold. Special bonus? My cat, Hazel, can’t get into the cup to drink my water!

Stephanie and Jenn from Boston Warehouse deserve a special thanks for making this project a reality. To all the folks at Boston Warehouse (many of whom are cat lovers, too), THANK YOU for figuring out how I can defend my drink against Hazel, my water-seeking-nemesis (she may be pretty, but she is defiant and naughty and always conspiring to drink my water)!


Looks can be deceiving: Hazel looks sweet, but she is wild! Photo by Jeanne Isaacs.

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