Drinkblots – Paper Coasters

More new products arrive in my studio almost daily. Among them are a set of Drinkblots, the new paper coaster sets by Studio M, a division of Magnet Works.


Studio M and the talented, funny, and nice people behind their products, have put together a portfolio of wonderfully diverse and beautiful work for their lines. I am honored to have had my collection, Shade Garden, selected for this product along with fellow artists such as Stephanie Ryan, Carolyn Gavin (of Designer Jots, and represented by the amazing Lilla Rogers), Jennifer Brinley, Terri Conrad, Tim Coffey and many others.

The paper coaster sets are arriving in stores soon. . . just in time for spring, and for what I hope are long, lazy days sipping on Lemonade (or something stronger 🙂 ) in the sunshine.

. . .

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