Print & Pattern Design Directory

Do you love the Print & Pattern blog the way I do? I adore it and go there all the time to absorb the beautiful artwork and charming products posted there. It is such a fun place on the internet to hang out.

I am THRILLED that Bowie included a link to my website on the new “Designers for Hire” page. In looking through the new page, I have already discovered several artists whose work I hadn’t previously known. Have you seen the work by Sarah Andreacchio? Susan Driscoll? OMG. How about Bethan Janine? Dinara Mirtalipova? This doesn’t even scratch the surface OR mention any of the artists I already know and love.

Below are just a couple images from these artists. You have to go to their websites to really understand how amazing these artists are. And check out the Designers for Hire page. All of these artists deserve to be admired!

© Susan Driscoll

© Susan Driscoll

© Sarah Andreacchio

© Sarah Andreacchio

© Dinara Mirtalipova

© Dinara Mirtalipova


© Bethan Janine

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