Cottage Door Press

Some time ago I wrote and illustrated two children’s ebooks. I am tickled pink to announce that both Big Day for Baby, ABC Party, plus a new book, 123 Count with Me, will be published by Cottage Door Press next summer! They will be sturdy board books with die cut page tabs–perfect for little hands. What a thrill!

123 Count With Me Cvr2 11-20-14


BigDayforBaby 8x8 CVR


ABC Party Animals CVR

Not only am I ecstatic that my books will be real, but Cottage Door Press is working with a stellar array of artists: Jannie Ho, Dan Taylor, Stacy Peterson, Steve Mack, to name only a few. If you love children’s books, if you love adorable illustrations, if you want your little ones to love reading, you will LOVE Cottage Door Press! They have so many charming books. Below are a few pieces of art by the illustrators I mention–but this is just a thimbleful!

Find Cottage Door Press on Facebook, and get ready to be charmed as they announce their 2015 catalog and offer a sneak peek into the pages of their books.


Artwork by Jannie Ho


Artwork by Jannie Ho


Artwork by Dan Taylor



Artwork by Stacy Peterson



Artwork by Steve Mack



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