Suzani Soul & Embroidery

As new spring products begin to roll in, so to has my newest fabric collection, Suzani Soul:

Suzani EmmelineFnlBlue

Suzani Soul in Chambray. These fabrics will be shipping soon. Visit Blend Fabrics website to learn more.

Suzani EmmelineFnlK

Suzani Soul in Black. These fabrics will be shipping soon. Visit Blend Fabrics website to learn more.

Traditional suzani is a type of central asian textile embroidery. My fabric collection is inspired by those embroidered pieces, however my work is painted rather than the sewn craft. Below are a few examples of embroidered suzani pillows I found on the internet, including one by Madeline Weinrib. If you know her work, perhaps you are as agog with it as I am.


A suzani pillow by Madeline Weinrib.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.26.44 PM

I found these pillows at


This pillow is by Surya. I can only wish to work with them someday. They have fabulous products!

I have always loved embroidery, whether it is traditional suzani or the more american craft interpretation. Of course, I am not an expert embroiderer. For that you must visit the likes of Ms. Charlotte Lyons of House Wren Studio. Oh, visit her Etsy shop! It is FILLED with goodies. Like these gorgeous items:


A lovely embroidered piece by Charlotte Lyons. I found this in her Etsy store.


Oh! Aren’t they charming? Also from Charlotte’s Etsy store.


And this is the perfect gift for a little one. So sweet! Also from her Etsy store.

Although my embroidery needle has been tucked away for ages (and by ages I mean, perhaps 30 years), I have been painting recently. And that brings me back to my Suzani Soul fabrics. The group of artwork that makes up Suzani Soul is hand painted. Here is the original painted piece that was the starting point for the entire Suzani Soul collection:

Large Suzani Indigo EyeI am glad to have my hands back in my inkpot, as it were. I have more ideas for paintings than I can possibly get done. It feels good to be making the kind of art I actually once hoped would make all day. And I am thrilled that some of the paintings have been making it onto new products.

And yes, that is supposed to be a cliffhanger. Did it work? Is anyone on the edge of their seat??? 🙂 Well, I will leave you with these paintings, below. What do you suppose they would look good on? Stayed tuned to learn more…

Poppy Stripe

Poppy Stripes, by Ana Davis (that’s me!)

Floral Gesture Sml Dot

Painted Garden, also by yours truly. 🙂

. . .

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