Color + Pattern, continued…

After a bit of a break (I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to!), I want to get back to sharing details about Khristian A. Howell’s book, Color + Pattern. Khristian, if you are reading this, you knocked it out of the park–what a great book! If any of my readers are interested in getting really solid instruction and ideas for how to create patterns and collections of patterns, this book is truly helpful. It offers a glossary of industry terminology, ideas for how to get started, “assignments” similar to those one would get in design school, and all of it is FUN!

Color & Pattern cvr

I want to make a special note that the artists and designers who contributed to this book are really amazing. These folks are known within the industry for their style and talent. I have to give a call out to them: Jessica Swift, Mary Beth Freet, Rachel Taylor, Abi Hall, Arrolynn Weiderhold, Jenean Morrison, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Elizabeth Olwen, Leah Duncan, Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer, Stephanie Corfee, Sisters Gulassa, Ana Davis (that’s me!! :), and Ampersand Design Studio. If you are not familiar with these talented designers, click these links! I honestly can’t believe I am included in this group–it is really a great compliment.

Khristian has broken this book into sections which include everything from gathering inspiration, exploring various motifs, creating repeats, and pulling a group of patterns together cohesively. That is where my contribution comes in. I wrote about how to pull a collection together. I used pieces from my collection Dream Lotus as examples of how color, scale, and amount of detail give various pieces of art a “role” to play within a collection.

Basic CMYK

These are designs from Dream Lotus. This collection was used by the Gift Wrap Company on gift bags and gift wrap. Coyne’s Company also used a variation of this artwork on women’s accessories and umbrellas.

Color & Pattern int

If you or someone you know aspires to create surface designs, collections, make patterns, or just wants to play around with these ideas when making artwork, buy this book. It has a flexible, board cover, so it isn’t as heavy as a hardcover, but it is still sturdy. You can throw it into your bag and take it with you as you explore for inspiration and begin to enjoy the world of surface and pattern design.

. . .

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