Oopsy Daisy Wall Art, Revisited

Oopsy Daisy, the incredible, large and every-present wall art company, has included a handful of my work since way-back when I first began. Since it has been so long, I wanted to plug the pieces they picked up, and still have for sale, on their site.

Vintage Montage room

This canvas wall art is from a collection I call Victorian Montage. The adorable room setting is from the OhJoy! website.


Oopsy Daisy Wall Art

This group of wall art is also from my Victorian Montage collection. The room setting was found on the blog Kidspot. I LOVE this nursery, and the colors are perfect with this wall art.


Oopsy Daisy Whale room

This triptych of wall art is from a series I made ages ago called Deep Blue Sea. It got such a strong response that I made another whale collection. That eventually became my True Blue fabric collection, which is in reprints and available again now! I found this room setting on the blog A Whole Lot of Tiny.

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