Ana Davis is an artist whose work is classic–with a twist. Inspired by architectural details and vintage elements, her collections are sophisticated yet accessible, playful yet elegant. In addition to creating artwork that is brimming with subtle juxtapositions, Ms. Davis has written and illustrated three children’s books. Her collections for children showcase the same color-rich palette found throughout her work, with whimsical story-telling to boot.

Ana Davis 2015ADL Artwork for women copyADL Artwork for ChildrenGet to know Ana! Here are excerpts from interviews she has recently given:

What is the inspiration behind your beautiful designs? This is a hard question to answer, because really, who knows what and when inspiration will strike? But I can say this, when I am seeking out inspiration, I often look to vintage details and antiquities. Also, I live in Chicago, and we have beautiful architecture here. I love walking around the neighborhoods and seeing the architectural elements in old stonework. 

What about your art makes you unique?  What products is it mostly likely to end up enhancing? Well, I have to say that my artwork would enhance any product! 🙂 But seriously, I really hope to expand my collections for women to include more home textiles and tabletop items. And I really want to see more of my collections for children make their way into the marketplace. In addition to my three children’s books, I have lots of whimsical nursery artwork, so I hope this is the year these collections begin to adorn baby bedding, nursery decor, and other products. 

What inspired you to write and publish your first children’s book? My children, of course! 🙂 I love books and worked in publishing for many years. It was a natural progression for me to write about the experience of spending time with my baby. Babies are amazing. They respond with glee and rapt attention to language and song. I’m convinced that is why so many children’s books are written as poems and in rhyme form. Ironically, my oldest, now six, ignores a lot of what I say. 😉

You have written a few books, how did you come up with the storylines? I wanted to stick with age-appropriate subjects and educational material, but to mix in what I know my children like: animals, talking about their routines, love of family and friends.

What was your favorite children’s book as a child (and why)? Truly, there are SO MANY. Winnie-the-Pooh stands out as an early childhood favorite. But come visit my website to see what my own children are into these days. I’ve posted 10 of our current favorites.

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