Surtex 2017 and Neglect

My poor blog. Poor, poor blog. I love you, I really do, but I have not paid attention to you-despite my best intentions. Well, today I will add a post, and I hope you can forgive me for the neglect. šŸ˜‰

SURTEX 2017 is upon us! This year I will not be in the big, beautiful grey booth my husband made for me back in 2012. It has been a great booth, but new and exciting developments mean that instead, I will be in the Branded Licensing booth. Along with my unstoppable agent Melissa Schulz (also known through the website Art Licensing Info), I will share wall space with two other great artists, Caleb GreyĀ (find his work everywhere, including greeting cards through Design Design and fabric with Robert Kaufman) and Amy ReberĀ (find her most recent fabric collection with Free Spirit). It will be a beautiful booth, too, I’m sure! šŸ™‚

If you are visiting Surtex this year, look for me in booth 2748. New look, new art, bright new future! Below are some of the images I’ve been posting on my Instagram feed & Facebook (please follow me there for more consistent updates). Hope you like ’em!

AnaDavisTodaySurtex17AnaDavis BouquetC Surtex17AnaDavisArttoShareBirdsSurtex17AnaDavisLanternsSurtex17AnaDavisCalicoPaisleyGoldsSurtex17AnaDavisFablesSurtex17

Preppy Art!

In my ongoing effort to keep the blog up-to-date with what happens on my social media pages, here are some pieces that are in the preppy vein.

I notice as I go through my portfolios that my artwork isĀ at once bold, soft, modern, simple, ornate, whimsical, orĀ classic. The all-over-the-placeness of it is a pretty good view into my mind, and perhaps the range of what inspires me.

These preppy pieces are modern, bold, and simple. Next time I’ll post ornate artwork for some juxtaposition. šŸ™‚


anadavisarttoshareheartsstars anadavisarttosharelotus anadavisarttosharepreppytree

Art from Social Media

For quite some time I have been meaning to update my blog withĀ the artwork that I posted to social media. Here are someĀ coordinated groups of art. I will continue to post groups in this way until the blog is caught up.

Today, I am posting art from my collection New Old World.Ā I love the combinations of dusty warms blues with mustard and a hint of peach.Ā anadavisarttosharescallop anadavisarttoshare70supholsteryanadavisarttosharearabesquestripebeach anadavisarttosharevinebch



Wildwood Fabric Collection

I realize I have been absent for quite a while. I have just been mostly posting to Facebook and Instagram. So if you are interested in getting more frequent updates, please find me on social media! Ā šŸ™‚

My next fabric Collection, Wildwood, is available soon!Ā This collection includes enchanted forest animals which I painted in soft earth palettes of blush and brown as well and deep navy and teal.Ā Check out Blend Fabrics for more details and buying information.


Born Wild via Baby Hobbes Design

Today is day three of the blog tour on Baby Hobbes Design’s blogĀ featuring my collection Born Wild (Available through Blend Fabrics). This Create Kids Couture reversible jacket was sewn and photographed by Elizabeth Santiago De-Jesus. I love how Elizabeth used the Little Acorn and Bunny Patch fabricsĀ on theĀ Bristol Reversible jacket. If you love this pattern, you can enter to win it on the Baby Hobbes Design Blog! The winner will be selected on Wednesday.