Ombré & Gold

About a year ago I began working with a company called Vandor to create ceramics and glassware. The first items we collaborated on just began shipping to retail stores this week. These products are absolutely beautiful. They are both decorative accents and they are functional tableware. They have metallic gold designs paired with modern colors, so they fit in with any home decor style–they are modern,…

Fables & Folklore

My 2017 culminated with some great new collaborations, and as 2018 rolls in, so do fantastic new products. Below are photos of my new line of indigo products called Fables & Folklore. These items are produced Primitives by Kathy, an incredible company who celebrates artwork that is in turn charming, fresh, and hilarious. The artwork featured on the Fables & Folklore product lines combines…

It’s in the Bag!

I’ve got some really great new products coming out in 2018, and we are having fun in the studio! #gifts #cosmeticbags #wallart

National Reading Month Give-Away

  Oh, how I love to read. Whether I read four chapters or four paragraphs, I read every night. Books take me to another world, an alternate reality. Reading is an opportunity for me to decouple from the day’s activities and it allows me to Calm Down. Reading relaxes me in a way that few other activities do. Reading has the same effect on my two young…

Season of Love

Blend Fabrics has finally announced my next fabric collection. Welcome to the Season of Love! My inspiration for this collection is varied. In its simplest form, I was intrigued by Indian art, Eastern philosophy and Ganesha, the Hindu Deity.          But when I sat down to write about this collection, I realized I had another influence: Western art and cultural trends of the late 1960s (which slightly pre-date me)….