National Reading Month Give-Away

  Oh, how I love to read. Whether I read four chapters or four paragraphs, I read every night. Books take me to another world, an alternate reality. Reading is an opportunity for me to decouple from the day’s activities and it allows me to Calm Down. Reading relaxes me in a way that few other activities do. Reading has the same effect on my two young…

Season of Love

Blend Fabrics has finally announced my next fabric collection. Welcome to the Season of Love! My inspiration for this collection is varied. In its simplest form, I was intrigued by Indian art, Eastern philosophy and Ganesha, the Hindu Deity.          But when I sat down to write about this collection, I realized I had another influence: Western art and cultural trends of the late 1960s (which slightly pre-date me)….

Oopsy Daisy Wall Art, Revisited

Oopsy Daisy, the incredible, large and every-present wall art company, has included a handful of my work since way-back when I first began. Since it has been so long, I wanted to plug the pieces they picked up, and still have for sale, on their site.    

Coloring Fun For Grown-ups

The trend reigns on: coloring books for grown-ups continue to be a smash hit. And, yes, I have succumbed myself. So much so that I actually just went ahead and illustrated one. It is called By the Sea. Now, go quickly to Groupon and get a really good deal on By the Sea. There are two other titles in the Groupon deal, one by Stacy…

New Gift Wrap Collections for 2016

The Gift Wrap Company’s 2016 catalogs go live on their website next week. Here is a sneak peek at my collections with them, which feature Suzani Soul and True Blue: I LOVE the Gift Wrap Company design crew–they are talented, organized, and their presentation is always beautiful. I want to give a shout out to them all. You guys are amazing! 🙂