Season of Love

Blend Fabrics has finally announced my next fabric collection. Welcome to the Season of Love!

Season of Love Final

My inspiration for this collection is varied. In its simplest form, I was intrigued by Indian art, Eastern philosophy and Ganesha, the Hindu Deity. 


An image of Ganesha, the Hindu Deity.



Antique Indian Stamp.jpg
Here is an image of an painted and costumed Elephant, from a vintage Indian stamp.


But when I sat down to write about this collection, I realized I had another influence: Western art and cultural trends of the late 1960s (which slightly pre-date me). You see, I have two much older sisters. They were big music fans, as were my parents, and as a small child I spent a lot of time admiring their clothes and tapestries and listening to their music. One of my favorite albums was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

During the creation of Season of Love, songs from Sgt. Pepper’s kept rattling through my mind. It wasn’t until I sat down to name these patterns, however, that I realized the album was recorded in 1967. That is the same year as the Summer of Love. Just months later, in 1968, that the Beatles went to India to study Eastern philosophy.

My brain is weird. I mix up numbers and years and facts, but I have a strong inner narrative; it’s a sort of story-telling approach to memory. And there are always images that go with the narratives, a montage of icons. It is a strangely effective way to think of things, if one is a visual artist. On one hand, I cannot concretely tell you how I know something nor can I often recall the hard data to support what I “know.” But, if I follow my intuition, I can often unravel my story and icon memory, and come up with something that is accurate (or at least clarifies to me how I got from point A to Point B).

This morning I googled “Sgt. Peppers” and “1960s Paisleys.” to see if I might find a way to incorporate these thoughts as I wrote about Season of Love. These are a couple of the first images that came up in my searches. When I saw them, I felt immediate recognition. To me, there is a very strong visual connection between these two images and the color and spirit of my new patterns in Season of Love. Do you see it, too? Or am I just having a Lucy-in-the-Sky-with-Diamonds style hallucination??

A shot of the Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper’s Costumes.
Liberty of London Pailsey 1960s.jpg
Liberty of London Paisley Print from the 1960’s.

I was recently asked by a colleague where I get my inspiration. And honestly, it’s not always immediately apparent. But, there is always a story behind my art… even if it takes some unraveling, and even if the connections are through a haze of memory, music, and childhood memories.



Fall Equinox

In celebration of yesterday’s fall Equinox, I am posting some new news and images that feature my collection of fabrics, called Equinox, Which was released almost one year ago.

This re-release of inspiration was prompted by a chance meeting. I met Merav of Baby Hobbes Design in a random crossing of paths–I overheard her say “fabric” and “sewing,” and heaven help me if I couldn’t get in on that conversion. She was about to test a new skirt pattern, Daphne, for the Simple Life Company, when we had our random encounter. Well, a mere week has come and gone, and check out what I found in my inbox!

Sewn and photographed by Baby Hobbes design. Daphne skirt sewing pattern by Simple Life Company.

It may have taken Merav only one week to make this super-adorable skirt, but it took me a little longer than that to finally get these fantastic Equinox dresses photographed. But, I got it done, and wasn’t it worth it??? These dresses were sewn by the extremely capable hands of Sarah Katherine GreenAcacia Photography took these amazing photos. The models are a lively and lovable family I know from my son’s elementary school. We will call these ladies Miss A, Big P and Little P. A heartfelt “thank you” to them for spending a very warm, late summer afternoon with Acacia and I in the park!

Equinox-2 LR
From Left: Big P wears a dress made from Fiona (in green), with details of Equinox (in white), and a ruffle made from Lattice (in mint); Miss A wears a dress made from Paige (in tan). The Chevron detail is Lattice (in pink) with a border made from Isla (in Brown); Little P’s dress is made with Paige (in Black). Pockets and yoke are Lattice (in pink).
Equinox-20 LR
From Left: Big P wears a dress made from Fiona (in green), with details of Equinox (in white), and a ruffle made from Lattice (in mint);
Equinox-35 LR
Miss A wears a dress made from Paige (in tan). The Chevron detail is Lattice (in pink) with a border made from Isla (in Brown).
Equinox-45 LR
Little P’s dress is made with Paige (in Black). Pockets and yoke are made from Lattice (in pink).
Equinox-32 LR
What a beautiful family! Can you tell Miss A is a yoga instructor!!!??? 🙂
Equinox-62 LR
Thank you, family. Thank you, Acacia. I hope you all had fun. I know I did!

Equinox, a close-up view

My newest fabric collection, Equinox, will begin shipping in November. Below are close-up images of the patterns and colors in the collection.

Equinox will be on display next week at Houston Quilt Market along with two of my other groups, True Blue and Clementine. Blend Fabrics and Anna Griffin always have a fabulous booth. I am looking forward to seeing all the new Blend artists’ collections at the show. I believe that collections from Liz Macay, Molly Hatch, and Khristian A. Howell will all be on display (not to mention all the other amazing fabrics from the artists who work with Blend! Check them all out, here.).

Lattice Vine Pink

Fiona Green

Isla Brawn

Equinox White

Lattice Vine Mint

Paige Tan

Lattice Vine Blue

Fiona Black

Isla Black

Equinox Black


Lattice Vine Black


Paige Black


Persnickety Clothing Company

This summer has been, believe it or not, beautiful here in Chicago! 🙂 But, I am already seeing signs of “Back to School” everywhere. One very special back to school thing that I’ve seen is gorgeous new apparel from Persnickety Clothing Company. The collection that caught my eye is “October Sky“. Just look at it! This group happens to feature several prints from my fabric collection Pippa. Persnickety, you have done it again! Beautiful! 🙂







Jolly Jabber Designer Tidbits

I am thrilled to let you all know that the Fat Quarter shop’s blog is including me and Pippa in “Designer Tidbits” today.

FQS Pippa Shot

It has been very busy in the studio, as I am planning some new projects with the Pippa fabric for a photo shoot. I can’t wait to post some projects photos, and to see what other people make with the fabrics.

Stayed tuned… I will be posting more in the next couple weeks! (I swear!!! 🙂