Ombré & Gold

About a year ago I began working with a company called Vandor to create ceramics and glassware. The first items we collaborated on just began shipping to retail stores this week.

These products are absolutely beautiful. They are both decorative accents and they are functional tableware. They have metallic gold designs paired with modern colors, so they fit in with any home decor style–they are modern, and classic; they are feminine, and contemporary. Plus, the little bowls stack for space saving storage. Practical AND pretty??? Sign me up, please!

Do you have a favorite local store? Tell them about my bowls, mugs and glasses! This collection is now available on the Vandor wholesale website–help spread the news, and before you know it, these items will be popping at a store near you! 🙂


Fables & Folklore

My 2017 culminated with some great new collaborations, and as 2018 rolls in, so do fantastic new products. Below are photos of my new line of indigo products called Fables & Folklore. These items are produced Primitives by Kathy, an incredible company who celebrates artwork that is in turn charming, fresh, and hilarious.

The artwork featured on the Fables & Folklore product lines combines my hand lettered sentiments, patterns, and folk art style animal illustrations. The range includes a darling tin watering can, tea towels, and ceramics. And, of course, boxed wall art, which is a signature the Primitives by Kathy brand.

Many of my products are already available through both the wholesale and retail Primitives by Kathy websites, with more items shipping monthly, and hopefully, line extensions later this year.

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It’s in the Bag!

I’ve got some really great new products coming out in 2018, and we are having fun in the studio!

#gifts #cosmeticbags #wallart

Great Ideas

I am more than happy to announce that Branded Licensing is now representing my artwork and brand! Founded by Melissa Schulz, Branded is an agency that fosters the development of a strong stratgeic plan in growing and marketing licensed artists. That is basically a fancy way of saying that they help artists get organized and focused as we make artwork (and, oh, some of us really need it!). 🙂

I began working with Melissa in 2016. We’ve talked and planned, and I’ve studied and focused, and we have had a really nice time working together.

I thought about trying to find an agent or agency when I began developing my portfolio in earnest in 2012. It wasn’t until I met Melissa that I found a person who offers the kind of collaboration and breadth of experience that made me feel both at home with my natural artistic expression and encouraged about my vision for the artwork.

I am thrilled to be working Melissa! If you are unfamiliar with her, check her out on Facebook, at her website, or at Art Licensing Below you can read a bit about Melissa and her varied and interesting career.


With 20 years of experience in the art licensing and product development fields, Melissa Schulz has strategically led creative teams through transitional, successful and growth periods.  Associations with key brands such as Hallmark, Hard Rock Café, American Greetings, and Kathy Davis Studios have given her the expertise and insight into the world of licensing.  Melissa brings a vast level of expertise in the areas of brand strategy and execution, marketing, creative direction and product development, retail and licensing.  She is currently the Founder of Branded Licensing, an art licensing agency specializing in brand development, business strategy and licensing execution.  Learn more about Melissa at



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Surtex 2017 and Neglect

My poor blog. Poor, poor blog. I love you, I really do, but I have not paid attention to you-despite my best intentions. Well, today I will add a post, and I hope you can forgive me for the neglect. 😉

SURTEX 2017 is upon us! This year I will not be in the big, beautiful grey booth my husband made for me back in 2012. It has been a great booth, but new and exciting developments mean that instead, I will be in the Branded Licensing booth. Along with my unstoppable agent Melissa Schulz (also known through the website Art Licensing Info), I will share wall space with two other great artists, Caleb Grey (find his work everywhere, including greeting cards through Design Design and fabric with Robert Kaufman) and Amy Reber (find her most recent fabric collection with Free Spirit). It will be a beautiful booth, too, I’m sure! 🙂

If you are visiting Surtex this year, look for me in booth 2748. New look, new art, bright new future! Below are some of the images I’ve been posting on my Instagram feed & Facebook (please follow me there for more consistent updates). Hope you like ’em!

AnaDavisTodaySurtex17AnaDavis BouquetC Surtex17AnaDavisArttoShareBirdsSurtex17AnaDavisLanternsSurtex17AnaDavisCalicoPaisleyGoldsSurtex17AnaDavisFablesSurtex17

Preppy Art!

In my ongoing effort to keep the blog up-to-date with what happens on my social media pages, here are some pieces that are in the preppy vein.

I notice as I go through my portfolios that my artwork is at once bold, soft, modern, simple, ornate, whimsical, or classic. The all-over-the-placeness of it is a pretty good view into my mind, and perhaps the range of what inspires me.

These preppy pieces are modern, bold, and simple. Next time I’ll post ornate artwork for some juxtaposition. 🙂


anadavisarttoshareheartsstars anadavisarttosharelotus anadavisarttosharepreppytree

Art from Social Media

For quite some time I have been meaning to update my blog with the artwork that I posted to social media. Here are some coordinated groups of art. I will continue to post groups in this way until the blog is caught up.

Today, I am posting art from my collection New Old World. I love the combinations of dusty warms blues with mustard and a hint of peach. anadavisarttosharescallop anadavisarttoshare70supholsteryanadavisarttosharearabesquestripebeach anadavisarttosharevinebch