Where to Buy My Children’s Books

I have an update to share this morning! My children’s books–the actual, tabbed board books, published by Cottage Door Press– are available for purchase online at Kohl’s! These books are great. I have a six year old and an 18 month old, and they both love them… in fact, my older child reads them to my younger child (talk about melt your heart!!!). I’ll post again with more information as the books make it to retail locations.

Happy reading, everyone! 🙂


My three board books for little ones, clockwise, from left: ABC Animal Party, Big Day for Baby, and 123 Count with Me

Animal Parade, now available!

AT LAST! Animal Parade is available for purchase. I have found it at several online stores, including Hawthorne Threads and Fat Quarter Shop, and it is likely at your local retailer now, too! You can find listings on the Blend website here.

Fat Quarter Shop

Oh. My. Gosh*.

From time to time I search to see if any of my artwork has made it onto some of my favorite websites, Blogs, and online stores. I never find anything. UNTIL TODAY.

This morning I went onto the Fat Quarter Shop and entered my name in the search field. Guess what came up??????

If you are a designer or a crafter or a quilter, you are familiar with this square and the charming Fat Quarter Shop logo. It’s like a badge of honor for me to have my artwork on this website. And the collection isn’t even set to ship until August!!! I. am. so. excited.

* I have a two and a half year old, so even when I write I am trying to keep my mouth from spewing out profanity. This not swearing thing is going fairly well though, considering I really worked hard at swearing a lot as a teenager. I remember practicing swearing because I thought it made me seem tough and cool. Now I do everything in my power to NOT swear. Oh, how things change… 🙂

Animal Parade

I am SO happy to be posting about another upcoming fabric collection! Animal Parade, a line of cotton craft and quilt fabric for little girls, is scheduled to deliver in August. Yahoo!!!!! Here is a sneak peek. The final version of the fabrics is now on view at Blend Fabrics.

I am so, so excited about this new line. Even though I have a little boy (and almost all of my friends here in Chicago have little boys), my very best friend just had a little girl. They live in London, but as soon as I get this fabric, I am going to make little Elsa a trunk load of goodies and ship them all over to her. I am especially excited about the larger scale animals with the flowers and vines. I scaled it for appliqué and small pillows, as well as quilts.

Hope everyone likes this new line, and please, please, send me images of what you make with it!