Animal Parade Fabric

Advance yardage of my new fabric Animal Parade arrived at the Blend Studio. They must be bustling around as usual over there, because I received an email from Anna Griffin with this beautiful product shot:

The bulk of the fabric should begin shipping soon, too. Stay tuned for news on when the line is finally available to purchase and make ADORABLE stuff with!

Spring Promise Stationery

I am extremely excited to post about my new stationery! The assortment includes very pretty and highly embellished note cards, greeting cards, file folders, and shaped note pads featuring the Spring Promise collection of artwork. The items debuted at National Stationery Show, and should be in stores as soon as this summer. I will post with more details as I learn them.

The line is being produced by the incredible team at Anna Griffin, Inc., through their licensing division, Blend. Retailers, please visit this link for more information.

Photograph by Jerry Mucklow

I Must Live Under a Rock

According to the San Francisco magazine 7×7 “Unless you’ve been living under a rock” you should know about Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day project. Well, I didn’t, thus the title of this post.

BUT, now that I do know about the blog Collection A Day, I must admit, I’m smitten.

Also, this Blog makes me simultaneously regret all the stuff I’ve thrown out while I am literally still celebrating the recent purge in our basement. The massive storms in Chicago last week forced us to clean out and get rid of a bunch of old stuff. Most of the junk we tossed were old things that I felt guilty about getting rid of. But now that I’ve found Collection A Day, I can use the Blog as a surrogate for all that “cool old stuff,” and still enjoy a tidy and organized home.