Surtex 2017 and Neglect

My poor blog. Poor, poor blog. I love you, I really do, but I have not paid attention to you-despite my best intentions. Well, today I will add a post, and I hope you can forgive me for the neglect. 😉

SURTEX 2017 is upon us! This year I will not be in the big, beautiful grey booth my husband made for me back in 2012. It has been a great booth, but new and exciting developments mean that instead, I will be in the Branded Licensing booth. Along with my unstoppable agent Melissa Schulz (also known through the website Art Licensing Info), I will share wall space with two other great artists, Caleb Grey (find his work everywhere, including greeting cards through Design Design and fabric with Robert Kaufman) and Amy Reber (find her most recent fabric collection with Free Spirit). It will be a beautiful booth, too, I’m sure! 🙂

If you are visiting Surtex this year, look for me in booth 2748. New look, new art, bright new future! Below are some of the images I’ve been posting on my Instagram feed & Facebook (please follow me there for more consistent updates). Hope you like ’em!

AnaDavisTodaySurtex17AnaDavis BouquetC Surtex17AnaDavisArttoShareBirdsSurtex17AnaDavisLanternsSurtex17AnaDavisCalicoPaisleyGoldsSurtex17AnaDavisFablesSurtex17

Animal Parade Fabric

Advance yardage of my new fabric Animal Parade arrived at the Blend Studio. They must be bustling around as usual over there, because I received an email from Anna Griffin with this beautiful product shot:

The bulk of the fabric should begin shipping soon, too. Stay tuned for news on when the line is finally available to purchase and make ADORABLE stuff with!

Apartment Therapy, The Best of Reader’s Desks

Today I was co-featured on Apartment Therapy! AT did a desktop tour of our home office, as well as the workspace of my dear friend and partner at Habit Goods, Jim.

Here is some of my fabric. In the Background you can see our old, rotary telephone. Since we only receive calls from telemarketers and Grandpa Davis, we let our two and a half year old manage all of the incoming calls.

This photo shows the bookshelf in our office. Some of my vintage cameras and camera paraphernalia can be seen close-up, below.

I love Apartment Therapy, and am so happy to be on the site. I was trying to entice the fabulous AT duo, Judy and Heather, to return to our house and feature it as a Before and After. But, we still have some plumbing and a bathroom to redo before the house would be ready for that kind of attention… and by “some plumbing” I mean all of it, and by “a bathroom”, I mean both bathrooms. But, I swear it’s almost finished.

In any case, I am thrilled to have a snippet of my space make it onto AT. Thanks Judy and Heather for taking the time to come talk with Jim and I about Habit Goods and my surface design obsession. It was great to work with you on this!

Surtex 2012

Like so many other surface designers, I am in the heat of preparing to exhibit at Surtex from May 20-22. Surtex happens in conjunction with the National Stationery Show and ICFF, and it really is the greatest trade show. Our industry–surface design, stationery, gifts, paper goods–is THE BEST industry. As Grace of Design Sponge once put it, NSS is the “happiest show.” I couldn’t agree more! The talent and creativity can be intimidating, but even more so, it is inspiring. I can’t wait to see what the incredible designers that participate in these shows have conjured up over these last 12 months! Although, just now when I went to the ICFF website and saw that the show is only 42 days away, my stomach turned over. Oh, dear…

I guess it is a good thing that I am working tonight. Here is what I made on this, Good Friday. It is in preparation for Surtex (as is everything I will do for the next, um, 42 days…)